Friday, September 14, 2007

For Evie

Here are the 2 Dad Can Do projects we made today. The wand is all finished. I decided to add jewels to the tip of my wand.

The Simpsons d'oh-nut is a work in progress. I have assembled it, painted it, and applied the sprinkles. After the paint dries (it has been drying for hours--I think I will turn 31 before it is dry!) I will cut out a bite and then paint some purple doughnut goo coming out.

Thanks for the idea and the website, Evie!


whimsigal said...

Holy Crap, Marin!!! That wand looks awesome and so does that doughnut!!!

DUDE, I'm so impressed! Now I want a wand. Dang, I can't believe it turned out so well.

Did it take a really long time? Were the instructions easy to follow?

whimsigal said...

I like your banner, too!!

Rinnyboo said...

Ahhh..thanks for the comments.

The wand was super easy to make. The instructions were easy to follow too. The hardest part was making the glue designs on the outside. My hand isn't very steady and the melted glue changes shape very quickly. I used black and brown acrylic paint for the wand and some gold rub-on polish stuff (for scrapbooking) for the raised design. I bought the gems at Michaels and set them with hot glue.

The doughnut was harder to make. The directions were good but I had to do a second doughnut before I got it looking right and the hot glue was very hard to control. You can pretty much cover it up with paint and sprinkles so it looks good regardless...

I like my banner too! I was able to make the right shape thanks to you too since you told me how you made yours.

So this is the "Cool Stuff that Evie Told Me About" blog entry. This doesn't even include any of the food I have learned about from you......