Friday, September 21, 2007

Ebay happiness

While we were at Live and Learn (I know, I know, I need to write a post about it!) Ian spied an egg and spoon race game on the raffle table. He really wanted it and mentioned it a lot. Buck and I tried to put lots of tickets in the bag to increase our odds of winning but we didn't win. Ian was pretty disappointed so we talked about ways we might buy it at home. I looked at Target since it was the Play Wonder brand that they carry, but they didn't stock it anymore. I found it on ebay but the auction had just begun.

At the end of the week we won the auction and the coveted prize arrived today! He was overjoyed to have his toy arrive and I was too! We quickly opened the box and began playing. We have found lots of uses for it besides just having egg and spoon races. The spoons can be lined up, the eggs can be cooked and served to mom, the egg shells can hold treasures, the egg shells can be stacked.

I am so glad that we are living this unschooling life. A couple of years ago I would have just dismissed his idea as just a temporary want and I would have disregarded it. I never would have gone out of my way to find it for him unless he kept "bugging" me about it. Even then I might just tell him that it was too bad that we didn't get it and we just couldn't find it without even looking for it.

I will be forever grateful to people like Sandra Dodd and Pam Sorooshian for putting information about radical unschooling out there, for living it and for continuing to write about it. Our lives are changed forever and definitely for the better. Of course we have day-to-day crap like everyone else but life with my kid is so much more fun and peaceful than I ever thought it could be!

Oh, and of course Hi-Q joined in on the egg-spoon fun. He is always a part of our play!


whimsigal said...

Good for you, Marin! It is so easy to dismiss their wants isn't it? I'm going to think about that the net time they ask for something.

I love the colors in these pictures. So vibrant!


Mama Podkayne said...

Hey Rinnyboo! I love Bradbury too! Have your read Theodore Sturgeon? Same era, similar writer (ie sci fi that's not space alien love battles).

I'll take another bit to finish reading your it is I must grade multitudes of papers for my other life (I teach former high school students to love learning via the beauty of the comma).

Rinnyboo said...

Welcome Mama Podkayne,

I haven't read any Sturgeon but my husband has read it all. It is on my ever-growing list of authors to read!

Thanks for coming over...