Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Their floors are sticky-mart......

Here are some pictures from our visit to the Kwik-E-Mart in Orlando: I swear I own more than one shirt!

They were all out of Buzz Cola so we got Squishees instead. Big mistake.

It was rad.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Missing my brother

I am missing Jensen a lot these days. I dug up some stuff that he drew just to make myself smile.

I think this one is a wishful thinking self-portrait

Inspired by actual events!

This was a Christmas present to my mom and if you look closely you can
see that it says "Merry Christmas."

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Pedestrian and TV

Ray Bradbury is one of my favorite authors. I was recently watching an episode of 'The Ray Bradbury Theater" (RBT) based on his short story 'The Pedestrian'. I have been really been on a RBT kick ever since Jensen told me that he bought me a DVD set of them right after Christmas. He was never able to give them to me in person but I found them in his apartment after he died and now I have assigned them some special, tallismatic significance to them since he touched them and meant for me to have them and I miss him a bunch. Anyway, Buck walked in while I was watching and we talked about how it is one of his favorite Bradbury stories. It is about a man who goes for a walk at night in a future where people don't leave their houses or their TV sets. The man is questioned by a police as if he is a criminal for not going with the flow by sitting at home in front of the TV. Of course right after we watched it we got all fired up and went for a walk.

The other day on one of the unschooling lists I read there was a link to this article by Ray. He says in the interview that 'Fahrenheit 451' was never about censorship but about his dislike of television. That seemed ironic when the interviewer pointed out that he had a flat-screen TV turned on during the whole interview! I think that Ray Bradbury is one of the greatest authors out there but I don't agree with his comments about TV. I know that watching TV has led me to read things I wouldn't have otherwise found, investigate new-to-me things, and make connections and strengthen relationships with my family.

For example, we are going to Florida next week and we are making a special trip to visit a 7-Eleven because of 'The Simpsons'. For the month of July they are making certain stores into Kwik-E-Marts complete with Buzz Cola and Krusty-O cereal. My little family has had hours of laughter and inside jokes and pop culture and trivia and connections from this show. We are thrilled to be able to see the Kwik-E-Mart. We would sure be missing out if we never watched TV.