Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy Birthday to Ian

My boy turned one on Sunday! We stayed with my in-laws for a long weekend to celebrate his birthday and we just got home Tuesday night. Image hosted by
He wasn't all that thrilled with the cake and ice cream but he liked opening presents and chasing my mother-in-law's dog around afterwards.

I can see him changing on an almost daily basis now. It is exhilirating and more than a little scary. I love having a one-year-old...but it feels weird to think that he is a toddler now. I still can't get over that. He definately has preferences and desires of his own. He loves music, he is intersted in animals, he loves to hang out with both me and his dad. He loves to bump foreheads with people (ouch!) and thinks fake sneezes are really amusing. He has a personality and a sense of humor. He dislikes waking up alone, getting his diaper changed (but who doesn't?), and having pens and scissors taken away from him. We love having him in our lives and look forward to many more years of excitement and joy with him.

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christine said...

He is so cute! Happy birthday to your little guy!

Jennifer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN!!! I am glad he had a great birthday! They grow too fast. =(