Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

Do you think my bookshelf is too cluttery? Nah, me neither:)

Verbascum "Southern Charm" when it's not raining outside

Coming soon: Chez Nick. I guess this one needs more explaining. My younger brother Nicholas lives with us now and we are about to start construction on his room. We are closing in our carport (to the right of this picture) to build his room. We had to cut down some bushes to make room for construction and for the entrance to his new place. Right now it houses our recycling bins and trash...soon it will be the entrance to Nick's room.

A sampling of Dearest's Warhammer figures

Leaves of 3, let it be (Poison Ivy all over my yard!)

See Sarah to play

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sunnymama said...

No not too cluttery! Your bookshelf looks very inviting :)