Monday, May 11, 2009

Snapshot Sunday-Mother's Day Edition

Star light, star bright...

Our neck of the woods

Our favorite local coffee shop just closed so Ian said, "Don't worry, Dad. I built you a new Bushiban. It serves coffee to Power Miners and humans."

Family Zuma tournament

Happy Mother's Day!!

See Sarah to play


sunnymama said...

I love the first picture, it's really pretty. The favourite is the lego though! Shame about your local coffee shop but this looks great :)

Rinnyboo said...


The boy does love Legos right now.

Just today he made the Haunted Mansion at Disney out of Legos. He is a little concerned about how scary it might be (we are going to Disney World in a few weeks) but he is determined to ride, so we've been watching You Tube videos about it.

I love his creations. They make me smile.

Thanks for the comment.