Thursday, April 16, 2009


I found this posted on a freecycle list today :

My oldest son lost his privileges for having a tv in his room. Forever, unless he earns the money to buy a new one. Don't ask.

It just made me really sad for the boy. His mom actually gave his TV to someone on Freecycle against his wishes. And then wrote about it! That seems like such a cruel, petty thing to do. Whenever I hear stories like this I always think about how I would feel if my hubby (or even a friend) did the same thing to me. I would be furious if he gave away our TV without asking me. I would lose trust in him and in our relationship. I would feel more possessive of my stuff, for fear that he might take something else away from me without notice. I certainly wouldn't feel inclined to share my possessions, time or emotions with him.

I am so glad that in our house this wouldn't really happen. It just struck me because it is so far removed from something that would happen here. Blech.....

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Sarah said...

Seriously. Makes my skin crawl.

Five years ago I would have said "I would have done that". Now it just makes me so sad.