Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holy crap! I saw Rachael Ray!

Last night we went to a book signing for Rachael Ray's new book (Just in Time). Buck's cousin (CC) is crazy about her and so she and her mom drove seven hours to see her.

The signing started at 7:30ish and the line-up started at 6, so by the time we got our stuff signed and we were on the way home it was 8:20. We were put into 3 groups to wait for a signature, and we were lucky enough to be in the first group. I felt sorry for everyone waiting when I saw how the line snaked all over the store!

Rachael was really chatty and nice and she told CC that she was beautiful which made her day. Rachael is really cute and looked just the same in person as on TV. I only managed to get crappy pictures because I had to stand about 20' away and behind a stanchion to take pictures. The fluorescent lights didn't help matters.
Rachael shook CC's hand as we left the signing. On the way to the car CC said, "I have Rachael Ray on my hand. I am never going to stop sniffing it!" She always makes me laugh my ass off....


whimsigal said...

AWESOME!!!! I'm so jealous and happy for you at the same time!!!!

I have Rachael Ray on my hand and I'm never going to stop sniffing it! Oh god, how I have laughed at the many interpretations of that!!

So cool for you.

Jessica said...

That is very cool! My daughter adores Rachel Ray!
Are we neighbors?
~Jessica, unschoolin' mama